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Recording: Finding Happiness - Or at Least Moments of Joy! (Our December Webinar Luncheon)

Wednesday, January 06, 2021 8:08 PM | Kristy Rhyason (Administrator)

In these unprecedented times when nothing is as it once was, it may be hard to remember what happiness feels like.

Our brains are wired to contemplate the worst-case scenarios and watching the news or Covid-19 update can reinforce this impending sense of doom.

We can learn ways to mourn what was and cannot be again, and find a path to a different kind of happy. It can be hard to find joy, to notice what makes us feel good and grounded and safe. 

Check out the recording below from our latest luncheon to help find some moments of light amid the darkness.

Presenter: Tara Livingston

Tara Livingston is a professional mediator, relationship coach and enthusiastic public speaker. A retired Anglican Priest, she earned her master’s degree in divinity from Trinity College at the University of Toronto with a focus on pastoral counseling, grief care and inter-faith dialogue. In addition to divorce mediation, she offers marriage preparation classes for couples about to embark on a new life journey. Tara is committed to guiding couples and families toward maintaining healthy relationships at their beginning, middle and end. As a parent of two resilient young men, she has a special passion for helping children to thrive during and after challenging times. 

As a presenter, Tara uses stories from her considerable professional and personal experience and legendary humour to inspire audiences of all kinds.

Here is the recording from December 16, 2020:

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