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Select and Appoint Details & Fees

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How Select and Appoint Works

  1. One or more parties request the appointment of an ADR professional (usually a mediator or arbitrator) by the ADR Institute of Alberta (ADRIA).
  2. Upon request and initial payment (see fee schedule), ADRIA prepares a list of qualified ADR Professionals for the parties' consideration. Selection criteria are communicated to ADRIA by the parties independently and confidentially.
  3. A list of qualified ADR professionals, along with their resumes and hourly rates, are provided to all parties by ADRIA.
  4. Each party delivers their list back to ADRIA, having deleted any names to which they object and numbering the remaining names on the list in order of preference, usually within a period of 10 calendar days. The parties may contact ADRIA with questions regarding qualifications and experience.
  5. After receiving the order of preference from each party, ADRIA selects the highest scored candidate from the remaining names.
  6. ADRIA will reconfirm with the preferred candidate that no conflict of interest exists.
  7. ADRIA will issue a Letter of Appointment to the chosen candidate and the parties.
  8. The appointed ADR professional will immediately contact the parties and advance the dispute resolution process in accordance with contract conditions and preferences.
  9. The appointed ADR professional will bill the parties for his/her services, in the manner agreed to by the parties. The allocation of costs can be determined by the parties or in an arbitration process, referred to the arbitrator. 

Arbitration Panel Selection Process

The Arbitration Panel selection process is similar to the Select and Appoint process, except a minimum of five candidates will be forwarded to the parties. Each party will then review and rank their preferred arbitrators confidentially, making sure to identify any potential conflicts of interest. 

ADRIA then issues a Letter of Appointment, typically each party's top selection. The appointed arbitrators then meet to select a third Arbitrator from the list to act as Chair. Depending on feedback from the parties, this final list of potential candidates may be modified and expanded, keeping the parties advised. 

Finally, ADRIA will again confirm that there are no substantive objections or conflicts of interests before issuing a final Letter of Appointment for the Arbitration Panel. The parties then deal directly with the appointed panel to advance the arbitration in accordance with the Alberta Arbitration Act.

Fee Schedule

Amount of Claim     ADRIA Fee* + GST

Under $10K   $500
$10K-75K      $800
$75K-150K       $1,200
$150K-500K  $2,500
$500K – 5M   $4,000
Over $5M    $5,000

A reduced fee will be applied, depending on how far the process has progressed, for Select and Appoint services that are initiated but do not proceed to the point of issuing a Letter of Appointment.

*Organizations which specify the ADR Institute of Alberta (ADRIA) or its predecessor by name as part of a dispute resolution clause in their contract may qualify for a discount.

*Fees are doubled for Arbitration Panels of three arbitrators.

To initiate a Select and Appoint process, ADRIA requires full contact information for all parties involved, including any legal counsel. The details of the contract are also useful. 

ADRIA can provide a list of three (3) or more qualified practitioners within five (5) business days, with biographies and fee schedules attached. The parties are then individually invited to exclude any candidate(s) and rank the remainder confidentially, before ADRIA issues an appointment letter within 10 calendar days of issuing the list.

Inquiries can be made to Executive Director Paul Conway at 1-800-232-7214 or 780-433-4881 in Edmonton at extension 111 or email

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