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Program Certificate in Separation & Divorce Mediation

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This program certificate trains mediators to work in the field of separation and divorce:

  • practice mediating the issues common to separation and divorce including parenting plans, child support, spousal support, and division of property
  • know how to screen clients and prepare them for mediation, including safe practices for identifying and working with situations of domestic violence, addictions and mental health challenges 
  • leave the course with tools and resources to use in your practice, including valuable reference materials and templates

The certificate program consists of three courses:



Learners who successfully complete the three courses will earn a certificate in Separation and Divorce Mediation. This includes 68 in-class hours.


Learners can take the modules individually or take the full 68 hour (9-day) program to earn a Program Certificate in Separation and Divorce Mediation. It is recommended that the program be completed within two to three years.

"[The] Separation and Divorce course was very informative, [I] appreciated the insights and expertise of the instructors. The hands on learning through the role plays and individual coaching was invaluable and challenging. This work is not for the faint of heart and having concrete information and facts will help individuals discern if this work is for them. Our Resource Binder is laid out well, with all kinds of resources, templates, and samples that are necessary to be in this line of work. Greatly appreciated!"                                                                                                                       – Linda M.


The creators and instructors of the Program Certificate in Separation and Divorce Mediation are Judith Lake C.Med., Rachel McDonald C.Med., and Joanne Munro C.Med.

Together, they have helped thousands of clients work collaboratively through separation and divorce as well as issues of guardianship and grandparent time. All three provide family mediation through their private practices and through Alberta Justice Resolution Services. They have been actively involved in teaching and mentoring mediators for well over a decade. 

The wellresearched course content and extensive student manuals are evidence of their passion for ethical practice and continuous learning. Their goal is for mediators taking the program to be wellequipped to work safely and skillfully in this highly charged and emotionally intense field.

Learning Objectives

  • Learn which federal and provincial legislation governs separation and divorce and when they apply, including the Divorce Act, Family Law Act, Matrimonial Property Act, and Alberta’s Child Support Guidelines.
  • Understand the ethical considerations specific to divorce and separation
  • Explore the emotional impact of separation and divorce on partners, parents and children, and the impact on mediation
  • Know how to screen clients and prepare them for mediation, including how to identify situations of domestic violence and how to put safety procedures in place
  • Draft parenting plans and calculate child support
  • Calculate spousal support and facilitate division of property
  • Practice techniques to work with high conflict personalities and situations

Who Should Take this Program

Experienced mediators and advanced mediation students interested in working in the separation and divorce field.

Certificate Requirements

  • ADRIA membership is required to take ADRIA courses and to register in our Program Certificates.
  • Learners must successfully complete Communications in ADR and the National Introductory Mediation Course (or equivalent training) prior to registering in this program.
  • There is continuous intake into this Certificate Program
  • The Parenting After Separation course (PAS), available at no cost through Alberta Justice, is recommended before starting the program.
  • Full attendance during each module is required
  • Students can expect 30-45 minutes of homework each evening of the course
  • The program must be completed within three years (two is recommended).

Required Courses (68 Hours)




Separation and Divorce Mediation:  : Foundations, Parenting Plans, and Child Support
Separation and Divorce Mediation: Spousal Support and Division of Property
High Conflict Mediation14

Program Fees

 Separation & Divorce Mediation: Foundations, Parenting Plans, and Child Support:$2,000 
 Separation & Divorce Mediation: Spousal Support and Division of Property: $800 
 High Conflict Mediation: $800

  Certificate Application Fee: $25 (upon completion of all courses)

Course Materials

Course materials include a Learner's Manual for each module and a Reference Manual. The Reference Manual includes copies of the applicable legislation, and samples and templates for all the issues common to this work, as well as a list of resources and referral agencies to help clients prepare for mediation. All materials are provided in class.

Learning Format

This Certificate Program is 9 days (68 hours) of training, the program courses include lecture, video, personal reflection, group discussion, and small group activities and role-playing with a coach providing feedback. Instructors are available for consultation regarding assignments throughout the course and to ensure student success.

Application for Program Certificate

Upon completion of all three courses and the additional assignments, please download and complete the Program Certificate Application form.

ADR Designation Qualification

Once complete, this Program Certificate qualifies as 68 hours of specialized ADR training towards the Qualified Mediator (Q.Med) and Chartered Mediator (C.Med) professional designations.

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