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Consensus Decision-Making Certificate Program

Are you involved in multi-party consultation or public engagement? Want to build the skills to bring stakeholders together to find creative solutions? Earn a Certificate in Consensus Decision-Making. 

Developed by the ADR Institute of Alberta, the Consensus Decision Making Certificate Program, provides participants with the skills necessary to achieve collaborative decisions through consensus building.  

Robyn Jacobsen completed the Consensus Decision Making program and describes how it was fundamental in her development of a strong foundation in collaborative, consensus processes.

"This way of doing business is more than just consultation. It provides a forum for participants to have meaningful discussions and to engage in conflict in a constructive way. Participants can discuss and test ideas without prejudice and then build solutions together… Everyone has a unique piece of the puzzle and everyone’s interests are addressed, creating shared ownership and buy-in to the final agreement."

Read more about her experience on our blog.

Jay White, the President & CEO of Aquality Environmental Consulting Ltd. in Edmonton, reflected on the Consensus Decision Making course. 

"Every aspect of my day to day business interactions have been improved by this course. In particular, Critical Skills for Resolving Conflict was eye-opening, and quite frankly, life changing. The Four Tongues and Four Ears/Listening for Understanding is something I use every day and reference often. I have referred my staff to most of the modules in the course. Overall, the most important lesson I learned was to listen for understanding, and speak to be understood."

Read more about his experience on our blog.

What are the benefits of Consensus Decision Making?

  • Forge agreement among diverse groups.
  • Solve complex issues with a range of concerns and interests.
  • Compel people to develop creative outcomes that are mutually acceptable to everyone.
  • Opportunity to integrate economic, social, community and environmental interests for truly sustainable outcomes. 
  • Decisions are more likely to be implemented, tend to be longer lasting, more sustainable than other forms of decisions.

The Consensus Decision-Making Certificate Program is a two part program:

  1. Communications in ADR forms the foundation of healthy communications skills. 
  2. Consensus Decision-Making will develop your theory and skills in the consensus decision-making process. 
Throughout the course, students will have the opportunity to learn theory as well as practice the skills they've learned through role plays. 

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