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help Topics in Alternative Dispute Resolution

These articles cover topics in Alternative Dispute Resolution that we often receive questions about.

How do I Apply for an ADR Designation?

This article will summarize the process to apply for an ADR designation in simple terms. 

Got Conflict? How to Address Disputes in Your Non-profit Organization

This article will tell you how can ADRIA assist with conflict, sample dispute resolution clauses to include in society bylaws, and where to go for more resources.

How do I Include a Dispute Resolution Clause in Contracts?

Contract disputes take up time and money for everyone involved. Adding a Dispute Resolution clause to your contracts is the best way to protect against litigation costs.

What are the Different Types of Alternative Dispute Resolution?

Mediation and Arbitration may be among the best known ADR practices, but there are many others. Each is a unique process designed to be used for different purposes and in different types of situations. This article describes some common ADR services. 

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