Session 11, Tuesday, Mar. 7, 8:30am-12:45pm *note: longer class

Evaluated Role-Plays today!

Preparation For Final Role-plays, Complete for Sessions 11 & 12:

  1. Prepare for your Role-Plays.
  2. Please refer to theĀ MED Evaluation Process document.
  3. Re-Watch the Evaluation Process Video
  4. Download Self-Evaluation Questions and have file open prior to your role-play.
    • Email your Self-Evaluation responses to the office by 2pm on the day of your evaluation. A copy will be provided to the Evaluator grading your SER.

Please check the role-play schedule for the Zoom link assigned for your role-play. These Zoom links are unique to your role-play group. Login 5 minutes prior to the role-play start time.