Session 8 Role-Play Schedule- Available to View Thursday, Feb. 16 at 12:00pm

Role-players, please only read the role which you have been assigned for each role-play, however, feel free to download all of the role-plays to keep on file for use in future practice.

The links to the roles appear in the following schedule.

Role-plays are 55 minutes each plus debrief. You will role-play phases 1-5.

Session 8 Roleplay Schedule:

Coaches for Session 8Role Play 1Role Play 2Role Play 3
#7 Accounts Payable
Mediator, Gene & Nicky
#8 Swept Away
Mediator, Blair & Nikolai
#9 The Fence
Mediator, Armando & Lyle
MarkMediator: Feden
Gene: Noela
Nicky: Line
Mediator: Line
Blair: Noela
Nikolai: Feden
Mediator: Noela
Armando: Line
Lyle: Feden
FloMediator: Sean
Gene: Todd
Nicky: Hasrat
Mediator: Todd
Blair: Hasrat
Nikolai: Sean
Mediator: Hasrat
Armando: Sean
Lyle: Todd
GloriaMediator: Sarah
Gene: Kimberley
Nicky: Heather
Mediator: Kimberley
Blair: Sarah
Nikolai: Heather
Mediator: Gloria
Armando: Sarah
Lyle: Kimberley